We start by not thinking of a building.


Long before we envision what a building will look like, we dive deep into why we are designing it in the first place. Who will use it? For what purpose? Where will it be located? Who are its neighbors? What fears surround it? Integrating our own expertise across disciplines with insights from clients and the community, we develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the people the project will affect.


We know a lot is on the line. We examine every possibility for loss that’s involved in making a project come to life and then carefully determine potential costs—in time, money and impact on the community.


With a comprehensive understanding of a project, we begin to design a place together with our client. We explore design concepts from the perspective of every discipline, creating a multi-faceted approach that leads to deeper insights that, in turn, enable more effective solutions.


It takes a village to make a building, but it takes only one person to derail its progress. We know there are many players involved. From general contractors to CEOs to state legislators and everyone in between, we streamline collaboration and communication of them all. Because in the end, a space has the power to impact more than those who use it. Neighborhoods, businesses and entire states can be transformed by a single structure.